Fear Final

Its interesting, I really didn’t to discuss on this until Monday.  Brittany May’s made the most impact on me.  The thing itself obviously is not a think of fear to me, but the act of her talking about being A-sexual was a very courageous thing to do… for anyone.  I responded so greatly to it was because as we are all humans we are all curious about everything in our lives.  It takes something special to talk about something so intimately.  It just amazes me.  I know for a fact that I have only opened up like that to less people than I can count on one hand.   The way it impacted on my project: not a whole lot.  I feel though the information being passed was different, the same overall fear of speaking about something so personal is the same, though her’s was more personal.  I tried to take out some of the intimacy in my own project. The rubric is met.

There is something that I truly find amazing about people. Throughout high school I liked to stay quiet, observe, and see how people respond to different situations. I get amazed we I get a chance to see someone for who they are, to know something intimate about them. It goes into the understanding of that person.  I really do feel honored that she could open up to us.   

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