Vision Board

For the vision board I really had to take a look at a lot of different examples.  I’m not necessarily a crafty person.  But as I was going through examples online I found that a lot were very chaotic.  I even had trouble sometimes trying to figure out what their vision was.  So for me I need to find a more simple one that I could use as a template.  In mine I decided to focus on just 4 areas of my life that I actually want.  The other areas can be whatever but the most important to me are my family, career, travels, and my health.  I realized later that the homework asks for one of our “if” questions to take a look at to overcome with the vision board.  In a way I kind of did but for the most part mine is just a more generic vision board.  But, if I could associate an “if” question to it, it would be question number 1: What if I succeed?  

This “if” question is one of the hardest questions that I have been asking myself lately.  This is partly due with the fact that it might be one of my greatest fears at the moment.  For me failing is easy and comfortable.  I am use to it.  Since high school that has been my life.  I failed out of college.  My fiance, at the time, left me, I started plumbing and was just 6 months from finishing a 4 year apprenticeship, but was laid off and couldn’t finish without a new job.  I am used to bouncing around to different jobs, barely making bills and money for food.  I lived in my car for a week.  I’ve tried to save my brother to no affect. For me, in my bubble, I have had a hard life full of disappointment.  So failing for me is easy.

But what if I do succeed? What if I finish college and get the job and start the career that I want? What if my family does well and we live the way we want? Well…. this is my basis for my vision board.  A life full of success… and it scares me.


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